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Early 2021 Stephen reached the 300 guitars milestone but has been so engrosed with the workshop side of things this is a relatively new page. Thank you to all who have and whom will contribute some words to this page. 

Just WOW! I love everything about it, and I'm sure it will improve my playing quite a bit as well. Thank you!!

D. Berry, Friederich replica, 2024

I have played and owned a wide range of high-end luthier built guitars. As soon as I played Steve’s Hauser model, I knew it had a special and fascinating tone, and I couldn’t wait to get hold of one. The woods are the best available, and the guitar is aesthetically perfect. The playability and comfort is the best I have ever come across: difficult pieces with challenging stretches feel more achievable.
As for the tone, it’s a perfect combination of sweetness, responsiveness and power. The sustain, balance and separation are excellent. The trebles have a lovely intimate, beguiling tone, but are strong and chime like bells. The guitar can roar if you need it to, but the overall tonal character is simply delightful. Whilst the top is thicker than other models, it only took a few weeks for the guitar to open up, and it only takes a few minutes of play for it to warm up and respond, so gratification is quicker than you might expect. I really love it, and it’s the guitar that I reach for first. 

D. Czech, Hauser II 1959 replica, 2023

I'm enjoying the guitar a great deal and it has begun to open up more and more, delivering a smooth, rich sound-it's a bit like describing a top wine- bold, fruity, velvety and developing maturity! Thanks again!

D. Van Zyl, Hauser II replica, 2023

For over 10 years I've searched for my own guitar to match or better a very good Jose Ramirez one on loan from a friend. But
never have I found one until ...
Trying a Stephen Eden 'Friederich' really surprised me. The quality of the sound and beautiful playing action was evident from the moment I started tuning it !!!! So happy to own one now. Thank you Stephen.

S. Kitcher, Friederich replica, 2023

The wonderful new replica Daniel Friederich guitar made for me by Stephen Eden has exceeded my expectations in so many ways. The whole experience with Stephen, surely one of the most gifted of the new generation of luthiers in the UK and abroad, has been a great pleasure from the visit to his studio last year all through the emails and photos documenting the manufacturing process up to the delivery of the absolutely immaculately crafted and warmly responsive finished product. I have already renewed the adventure of developing my potential as a guitarist, practising those pieces I have become familiar with over the years, while looking forward to exploring the possibilities that this fabulous instrument offers me. Thank you so much, Stephen, for bringing me such joy!

Stephen Parsons, Friederich replica, 2023

 Having heard that Stephen had made some replicas of a guitar from the Hauser dynasty,  I looked up his beautiful website which included so much information, including some video performances on one of these instruments. A visit was inevitable, and I was struck by Stephen’s craftmanship and finish which are truly exceptional. The last of Stephen’s first four ‘Hausers’ was just waiting for me! The instrument is very responsive, and wonderfully clear, throughout its range. The refinement of its tone 
also carries really well. I’m getting to know my Hauser 2, and feel priviledged to be its custodian.  

Christopher Daly, Hauser II 1959 replica, 2022

Wanting to own a Hauser Replica guitar, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Stephen Eden by Miles Roberts, late of Kent Guitar Classics. From our initial meeting at his workshop in Bexhill-on Sea, to Stephen handing me the finished instrument took approximately six months, during which time photographs of the construction were exchanged, and several reassuring telephone conversations took place. Throughout the whole process Stephen remained meticulous in his approach, and always patient and responsive to my questions and requirements. The result was an instrument which was both a work of art and a masterpiece of craftsmanship. The guitar is more than a technical achievement of exact duplication; it is crafted to a finish which is only possible where there exists a genuine love of the instrument and the luthier’s craft.

Christopher Andrews, Hauser II 1959 replica, 2022

This Grand Concert guitar has a sophisticated and complex tone, especially the first string between the 5th and 12th frets. I've never felt so instantly at home with a guitar. It is a joy to play, punchy bass, warm but clear trebles and although each string has its own character the overall balance is beautiful. It is also the easiest guitar to play I've ever owned, the action is just perfect!!  

S Gordon, Grand Concert, 2022

I am really enjoying the new guitar. It is easier to play, the tone is sublime and I am very happily getting to understand its potential. Your guitar is addictive!

A Temple-Smith, Grand Concert, 2021

"This is better than I had hoped for. I'm not used to so many aspects of this guitar: the overall volume, the sustain at the top end; each bass note rings like a cathedral bell, the action is perfect, and its playability makes it very forgiving of my mistakes. I'm very very happy with it. The only thing that p****s me off is that I can't blame anything on the guitar anymore"

J Sinclair, Non tropical woods Grand Concert, 2021

"The process of commissioning an instrument can be quite scary. Not so with Steve. This could have been a challenging build as it was my first nylon strung instrument and Steve’s first crossover guitar with so many changes to a standard classical instrument - smaller nut, radiused fingerboard, modern appointments, new bridge design, different cutaway, different headstock, “strange” neck profile…and more. This was designed as we went along with Steve pinging WhatsApp messages and photographs frequently about how each detail was going to be executed. The final result is nothing short of magical. Utterly faultless build finishing (I have never seen such precision woodworking before), stunning design and details and a sound which is a completely different league to any other crossover instrument I have played/heard. His flexibility and speed of response turned what might have been nightmare in to a relaxing and entertaining journey. This is the golden age of guitar building, so there are lots of great luthiers out there…but few can do what Steve has done and provide such enjoyment when doing it. Thank you."

A Gray, Crossover, 2021

"I visit Stephen's workshop yearly since 2014 and used his guitars since 2015. I first owned a Concert Model Spruce top and currently his Friederich-inspired Grand Concert with double sides and a Cedar top. Ordering a guitar from Steve was an experience in itself: I chose the wood, was given a lot of insight into the building process and was kept regularly updated with photos. Stephen works in the tradition of the great masters of old and is inspired by the same sound that fascinated me when I started. Over the years I've tried most models he makes and they have some unifying qualities that are his essence. The guitars are aesthetically pleasing and very nice to hold. If you play the guitar for hours every day you should be able to enjoy this aspect. A guitar isn't made to be looked at though: it also needs to be comfortable to play, to have a "malleable" sound, and to project well in a space. Steve makes all that happen. For the needs of performers used to lattice bracing or double tops, volume may well be an issue, however, the Grand Concert deals with this well by having both a traditionally braced top AND extra power thanks to the double sides. For the advancing student a Cadenza model has everything they need for the experience of owning a real hand-crafted guitar minus some of the frills of higher-end models. In the years I have known Steve I have seen him experiment and grow. He is a dedicated maker, always perfecting his craft, and is really friendly and open. Playing on Stephen Eden guitars I also became a better musician and learned a lot from his instruments and from our interactions."

P Ralev, 2021

 "The guitar has a beautiful French polish finish which looks like glass on its surface.
This is a solid guitar with a lovely sculptured neck making it easier to play. Whilst it is a smaller scaled instrument there has been no compromise in terms of looks and feel. The cedar neck has been beautifully carved making it very comfortable for the left hand.
The quality of the sound is outstanding. I didn’t realise you could get such a good sustain until I played this instrument. I find no discernible difference in the bass response, in fact it's much richer and deeper than any other guitar I have played. This is an incredible achievement for such a small bodied instrument. Probably the biggest change I have found is that the sound is so stable and consistent. It even sounds better if you play it hard with no loss of pitch or clarity.
All in all I am absolutely delighted with my guitar I shall cherish it for as long as I am able to play it. I have no doubt that your skills in making such instruments will place you well into the realms of the great Luthiers of the past."

R Price, Grand Concert, 630mm scale length, 2021

"For about the first 3 months I played it a lot. At first just at home practising while I got familiar with it, and then took it out to play for dance classes and gigs etc Then for the next 3 months I compared it with 2 other guitars I have, a Conde blanca and a Conde negra, by rotating playing the 3 guitars in turn. Since then I have just played the guitar you made exclusively. I really like the feel of the guitar, response, and sound - I can't really find the right words to describe it. The guitar is really, really gutsy and powerful and a joy to work with."

M Dennett, Owner of two Soleá, one wider necked, 2018 & 2020

"I would like to say that the classical guitar I'm playing that you made for me is the best I've ever had. It is in fact, my dream guitar. The balance between treble and bass is perfect with a sweetness in the treble and an overall bass sound that I've always been looking for. I feel a sense of pleasure every time I open the case and practising is a joy"

M Lyons, Concert Model, 2019