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Guitar Making Coures

I have taught in a variety of different ways. From evening classes and one day classes to a full 4 week intensive course. Most of the time, courses are taught on a one on one basis and can be booked to any date you require. I also like to build a guitar along side my student to aid in teaching

Evening Classes 
These are usually 3 hours per session and run just once a week. This is the most leisurely way to build a guitar. They are charged on an hourly basis of £15 per hour plus materials.


Ultra Intensive 2 Week course
This course is designed for everyone who would love to build their own guitar but just can't commit the time for a 4 week course. You get to build a guitar based on a fairly set plan. A pre-made rosette will be used and I will make a few minor parts of the guitar such as the bindings which will be made to suit the rosette. The rest of the guitar will be made by you from scratch in just two weeks! All materials*, Schaller Grandtune tuners and a Hiscox hard case are included for just £2000. Accommodation is not included. 


Intensive 4 Week course
The full 4 week course where you get to make everything including designing your own rosette, binding and perflings. Various bracing systems can also be used. All materials*, Schaller Grandtune tuners and a Hiscox hard case are included. Course cost £3000. Accommodation is not included. 

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