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Standard Concert Guitar

This is Stephen's standard concert guitar. A lightly built, responsive instrument which is harmonically rich, has a wide tonal pallete and exceptional clarity. This is his original instrument that he has been developing since the beginning. They are built to be highly versatile, which makes them great for the player who has a wide ranging repertoire. The Concert model now comes with Gotoh tuners.

Bridget Mermikides. Bridget is the long-standing classical guitar columnist for Guitar Techniques magazine. She has created over 130 solo arrangements, most of which are now published by Hal Leonard and all of which have been recorded on guitars by Stephen Eden. Bridget loves Stephen’s guitars so much she has been playing them exclusively for over 8 years.

“Pavel is a poet; the world needs more people like him.”
- Aniello Desiderio

Bulgarian guitarist Pavel Ralev is becoming well-known for his refined technique and intuitive approach to interpretation. He has won several prizes from international competitions, and has performed at Kings Place Hall One, St. James’s Piccadilly, Duke’s Hall, and several European guitar festivals. Pavel performs repertoire spanning five centuries while promoting new music for the guitar.