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Early 2021 Stephen reached the guitar 300 milestone. With so many happy guitar owners out there it is about time there was some kind of testimonial page.....this page will have much more to read soon...

"I would like to say that the classical guitar I'm playing that you made for me is the best I've ever had. It is in fact, my dream guitar.

The balance between treble and bass is perfect with a sweetness in the treble and an overall bass sound that I've always been looking for.

I feel a sense of pleasure every time I open the case and practising is a joy."

M Lyons
Concert, 2019

 "The guitar has a beautiful French polish finish which looks like glass on its surface. 
This is a solid guitar with a lovely sculptured neck making it easier to play. Whilst it is a smaller scaled instrument there has been no compromise in terms of looks and feel. The cedar neck has been beautifully carved making it very comfortable for the left hand.
The quality of the sound is outstanding. I didn’t realise you could get such a good sustain until I played this instrument. I find no discernible difference in the bass response, in fact it's much richer and deeper than any other guitar I have played. This is an incredible achievement for such a small bodied instrument. Probably the biggest change I have found is that the sound is so stable and consistent. It even sounds better if you play it hard with no loss of pitch or clarity.

All in all I am absolutely delighted with my guitar I shall cherish it for as long as I am able to play it. I have no doubt that your skills in making such instruments will place you well into the realms of the great Luthiers of the past."

R Price 
Grand Concert, 630mm scale length, 2021

"For about the first 3 months I played it a lot. At first just at home practising while I got familiar with it, and then took it out to play for dance classes and gigs etc.
Then for the next 3 months I compared it with 2 other guitars I have, a Conde blanca and a Conde negra, by rotating playing the 3 guitars in turn.
Since then I have just played the guitar you made exclusively. I really like the feel of the guitar, response, and sound - I can't really find the right words to describe it.
The guitar is really, really gutsy and powerful and a joy to work with.

M Dennett
Owner of two Soleá, one wider necked, 2018 & 2020

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