About Stephen Eden Guitar Maker Lewes England

The instruments I build are based upon very traditional methods of construction. Building a very light instrument is important to me as I believe it increases the delicacy of the sound the instrument makes. The materials I use for each guitar are of the highest quality. Before completely deciding on the materials which are to be used I take into careful consideration the effect each component will contribute to the overall sound of the instrument. This specific selection of materials is what vitally attributes to the desired sound I aim for. The compatibility of chosen woods in terms of their final aural desirability’s is always deliberated.

My classical guitars are typically made using either a European spruce or a western red cedar for the sound board. With a cedar neck and Indian rosewood back and sides. A variety of other materials can be used such as Brazilian rosewood, cocobolo, ziricote and maple to name a few.

My flamenco “blanca” is the most traditional of guitars. It is made from European spruce, cypress and cedar. Despite being light and delicate they are extremely responsive, percussive and earthy. I like to follow the old school and respect the very simplistic approach to there construction. I also make a flamenco “negra” I like to think of this as my contemporary flamenco guitar. When rosewood back and sides are used for my flamenco guitars a transformation occurs. It turns a normally traditional sounding guitar, into a guitar very suited to a more modern sounding flamenco. It results in an increase in the tonality and clarity of the notes being played.